About Us

Our History

In 2002 Pastor Connie went on her first Mission Trip to Spain and Morocco (North Africa)to deliver Medical Supplies to a hospital in Rabat, with a group from Mission Bridge led by Chris Stanton. Deeply moved and overwhelmed by the number of street children and poverty God gave Connie a vision to help those most vulnerable. In 2003 Rev. Connie returned and rented out a restaurant in Tangiers for three days and fed the people on the street telling them how much God loved them. This was the birth of Operation Love Ministries Inc.

Since our inception in 2003, we have served in the greater Los Angeles area, Morocco, Haiti, Jamaica, Kenya, Dominican Republic, Panama and Costa Rica. Whether we are serving on Skid Row here in Los Angeles, in the heart of Port au Prince, in the hills of Costa Rica or the slums of Kibria, our mission is the same…loving people unconditionally.

Our services are delivered in a loving holistic manner addressing both the physical and spiritual needs of people meeting them where they are. These include but not limited to; Community based feedings, Gospel & Christian Hip Hop Concerts, Prayers and Words of encouragement, distribution of groceries, clothing, hygiene packs, school supplies, medical supplies, toys, shoes and at times financial gifts to individuals, families, orphanages and Churches.

It is our desire to facilitate wholeness by Connecting people, Building bridges, Touching lives and Celebrating Hope